About Us

The world is growing closer and more connected. The improvements in medicine and technology mean that modern healthcare has the potential to make a difference in the lives of many. Imagine a genie who can make all your healthcare worries go away. Where would you want the genie to be? In a separate location far away from your home or in the same society that you live in?

We are the genie that grants you all your healthcare wishes. What’s more, our magic lamp is in the same society that you live in. No matter where you are, we bring health close to home.

From doctors to diagnostics, from pharmacy to wellness, we provide everything you need to stay healthy. We collect and collate information about your health so you can refer to it whenever you need it. How do we bring it to you? Through our very own app so you can access it from your fingertips.

What do we seek to provide?

1. We aim to provide trustworthy and reliable healthcare which ensures quality every time.

2. We aim to live up to the new age trends of technology-driven and location-centric healthcare.

3. We aim to offer end to end primary healthcare.

Who do we help?

1. Rural or urban, businessman or homemaker, corporate workers or startup sloggers, we don’t discriminate. We seek to ensure that everyone, both in urban societies and rural villages get the best, most comprehensive healthcare they need.

2. We want healthier, happier communities and hope to be a guiding light that you can turn to when surrounded by the dark corridors of sickness.

3. We will be with you always, in sickness and in health.

Download the app

  • Personal health record
  • Doctor Appointment
  • Book Diagnostics
  • Fitness Services
  • Symptom checker
  • Purchase medicines
  • Personalised diet plans
  • Health packages