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Wide Range Of Tests

We offer a range of 2500+ affordable tests like CBC, Blood Sugar test, Lipid Profile, ESR, hCG test and many more.

Ease Of Collection

Select a test(s) from the My3C app and avail in-clinic or a sample collection from the comfort of your home.

Digital Medical Reports

Your convenience is our top priority. We provide digital diagnostic reports on your My3C app.

Quicktime Reports

We understand that when it comes to health there should be no delays. Hence, we provide accurate reports in quick time on your My3C app.

This is Mr Aakash Kale. He is a government official who lives with his wife. He suffers from thyroid and his wife has diabetes. Given his age, he consumes medicines regularly and needs periodical medical tests. Earlier, to avail diagnostic services, he and his wife had to visit a diagnostic center twice for a test. First, to get tested and second, to collect reports.

After installing My3C app, now, they can avail diagnostic services, receive digital reports on their My3C app-- all from their phone.

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