Convenient Consultation

Our dedicated doctors are available for digital consultation on the app. You can book an appointment with your preferred doctor for a video call through My3C app as per your convenience. Post consultation you will also receive a digital medical prescription on the app.

Multiple Doctors

Are you looking for a specialist doctor? Our range of certified specialists like gynaecologist, urologist, cardiologist, pulmonologists and others can cater to your special needs.

Easy to Access Medical Record

If you are one of the people who find it hard to keep track of their medical history, My3C app is your solution. Through a few clicks, you can access your health record for free. Be it a medical emergency or a hospital visit, you can view your health record as per your convenience.

This is Mrs Vasudha Rane. She is a housewife who lives with her husband, children, and parents-in-law. As she has young children and aged parents-in-law, she often needs to visit doctors. To avail medical services, she had to travel forgoing her convenience. However, since she has started using My3C app, Vasudha can avail services from her preferred doctor at her disposal. Now, she can ensure timely care for her family within minutes.

Download the app

  • Personal health record
  • Doctor Appointment
  • Book Diagnostics
  • Fitness Services
  • Symptom checker
  • Purchase medicines
  • Personalised diet plans
  • Health packages